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Whirlpool HDW1011WG-GB Front Drum Bearing

Genuine spare part

BKWA825 laundry 00-142C If your washing machine is very noisy on spin, the main cause of the problem could be faulty drum bearings. Drum bearing failure... More information

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kr. 133,26

Whirlpool HDW1011WG-GB Drum Bearing Seal

Genuine spare part

Size: 50 x 100 x 13.5 (mm) If the bearing seal on your appliance has worn out, have no fear and take advantage of this quality replacement. If your... More information

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kr. 207,97

Whirlpool HDW1011WG-GB Drum Ball Bearing 6307ZZ

Genuine spare part

Type: 6307ZZ The function of the bearings in the drum of your washing machine is to help rotate the drum. Over time bearings can fail if water gets... More information

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kr. 314,77